Kenya AA Muchagara Coffee Spots Polska 200g

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Kawa Kenya AA Muchagara Coffee Spots Polska z grafiką Barrakuz 200 g.

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Kenya AA Muchagara
Palarnia: Good Coffee Micro Roasters dla Coffee Spots Polska

Location: MUCHAGARA is on the western side of Kirinyaga District in the
southern part of famous Mt. Kenya.
Co-operative society: The factory is under Baragwi Co-operative Society
Population: 500 persons and 200,000 coffee trees.
Altitude: 1700-1800 metres
Nearest town: 4km from Muchagara Town
Soil: Rich Volcanic Sandy Soil
Coffee Variety: SL 34 and SL 28
Flowering season: Between March and April
Harvesting Time: Between November and December
Fermentation Process: With Fresh River Water only Kamweti River.
Drying method: Sun Dried
Cherry Production: 350 tonnes
Organization: Small-scale farmers are organized in well-managed central
pulverises called coffee factories.
Growing area: Central highlands mainly at high altitude


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